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We have to reset our database for Arma 3, if you are effected by the change or want to know what is going on, please go to the link posted below.

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Welcome To Fractured Gaming
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For Admins/Founders/Owners to post Meetings and Announcements.
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Last Post: Server Down
75 312
Server Down
by Ghostyy
if you were banned from the community.
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Last Post: The Milkiest Man
10 29
Shine Dwarf
The Milkiest Man
Welcome to the fractured gaming forums, please read the rules for our Teamspeak and Community.
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24 119
Step into the spotlight and introduce yourself!
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Last Post: Howdy yall
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Howdy yall
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Chris Cornell (Dead)
Post up your savory home made recipes here!
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9 48
Here you can post anything you like to share with other members music/films/jokes etc etc.
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287 1,293
Check this game out.
by Vick
You Vape Bro? (7/51)
General Discussion (105/496)
Report issues with the FORUM here.
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Last Post: Email issue
49 235
Email issue
by Outlaw
If you think you have what if takes to become a Full Fractured Member, then Simply Apply.
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556 3,521
Archive (498/3,066)
If you think you have what if takes to become a Admin on Fractured, then Simply Apply
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232 1,359
Archive (209/1,175)
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Last Post: Icon
140 637
by Ghostyy
Arma 3
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Check Server Status & Vote on our server
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Last Post: Current Status
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Current Status
by Ghostyy
Any go's to do with Arma 3 Video's Etc, Etc
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205 990
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Last Post: Rotten's Gear lvl
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Rotten's Gear lvl
by Rotten
Gear Level Upgrades (2,630/5,450)
Suggestions (88/491)
Report a Player (163/538)
Ban Appeals (8/30)
Anything Pertaining to the CO-OP missions from Fractured go here
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antistasi modded server?
by Wraths
When you ban a player you should grab name/guid. Also get time of ban and server. Then with that information make a forum post explaining ban.
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Last Post: Maj. E. Miller
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Maj. E. Miller
Albion Online
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Last Post: Food is needed!
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Food is needed!
by Loti
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ARK Survival Evolved
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ARK Server Changes
by Sevaver
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World Of Tanks
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Main Lobby of WoT here
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Topics: 3 Posts: 4
Last Post: Reddit Recruit Post
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Reddit Recruit Post
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World of Tanks Strongholds
by Kirby