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We have to reset our database for Arma 3, if you are effected by the change or want to know what is going on, please go to the link posted below.

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  • [IMPORTANT] C.o.C*

    Just incase anyone missed the title.. Here it is (Yes I'm using a different font... )

    Now most of you know what CoC stands for. Most of you know our own CoC. This is for the people that don't so there is no excuse for skipping to the top of the chain.

    Chain of Command.

    Server Owner
    Community Admin
    Veteran Member

    Image above is of Teamspeak Icons to show how to Identify each of these people.

    Any issues concerning the Forums, ARMA or Teamspeak should be posted on the forums. However if it is urgent you should contact a Community Admin first. If none are available then you find me in Teamspeak and I will be able to help. If I am not available then you skip over to another Consul or an Owner.

    This is how it should be and no-one should circumvent this system, as it will probably end in headache for a few people.

    By urgent I do not mean "Oh he teamkilled me." I mean "The server is down".
    There is a section of the forums for Trolls/Teamkilling and all other things relevant.

    Update (11/22/2016)
    ARMA Section

    In the case of CoC when regarding ARMA Issues the person's arma admin rank is what comes first.
    Example: If a consul has low admin, then by default a high admin would outrank them when making decisions based on ARMA issues, regardless of the other person's rank in the community. The first set of ranks/titles are community. Low, High and Super are ARMA.


    Do not expect special treatment no matter who you are. If this isn't followed there will be consequences due to past problems with people not following it (This pertains to members)
    Follow this and you will be fine.

    *PS. This post design was not inspired by SUGAR.

    Please also note. THIS TOPIC IS LOCKED.
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